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These preferences are used for the tools on the homepage and other pages. Your preferences are saved in your browser's local storage. If you delete your cache, or use this site from another computer then the site will use the default settings.

The default display format and language (eg. 'Your time zone' on the homepage) is based on your computer/browser settings.
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Date output format

The locale setting is used to detect a date format (and 'your time zone'-dates will be displayed in your language).
Your default (autodetected) locale is unknown.

This setting has no effect on your time zone. 
Clock format
βeta version, not working with all languages.

Date input format (human to timestamp)

Used in the converters on the homepage.
The default input format is M/D/Y in the US or Y-M-D for the rest of the world.

Preferred date input format: 

Default time zone input: 


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