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O'Reilly cookbooks are a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for anyone programmming. Epoch Converter recommends the following books:

R Cookbook (O\\\'Reilly Cookbooks)Active Directory Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))
R Cookbook (O'Reilly Cookbooks)

Active Directory Cookbook

SQL Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))Ruby Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))
SQL Cookbook

Ruby Cookbook

C++ Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))ADO.NET 3.5 Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))
C++ Cookbook

ADO.NET 3.5 Cookbook

Arduino CookbookExcel Scientific and Engineering Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))
Arduino Cookbook

Excel Scientific and Engineering Cookbook

Rails Cookbook (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for bash Users (Cookbooks (O\\\'Reilly))
Rails Cookbook

bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for bash Users



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